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Z Pillows

When it comes to sleep, finding the pillow can make all the difference. That's where Z Pillows come in. Z Pillow has a pillow for everyone.

Features include:

Zoned -  perfectly sized and spaced holes create the idea combination of comfort, support, and airflow. Z Gel is a liquid gel layer that captures and distributes body heat for superior cooling of the head and neck. Infusing the right materials into soft Dough memory phone inspires cooler, calmer, and fresh sleep. Alternate your comfort with one pillow that gives you two different options for sleep satisfaction.

The materials of a pillow define its softness, temperature, and support. For dreamy sleep comfort, pick the right materials. Z Pillows include Dough memory foam, latex, gel Dough memory foam, and gelled microfiber down. 

Learn more and find your perfect pillow for your best nights' sleep at Zone Home Entertainment today!