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Sleep Tite Mattress Protectors

Calling one of our foundation products after an age-old phrase-sleep tight-wasn’t by mistake. SLEEP TITE®  mattress protectors instill confidence that everything beneath your sheets is clean.

Warranty. Stains void mattress warranties. SLEEP TITE®  protectors prevent stains. Purchase a mattress and a select protector on the same receipt, and our warranty coverage extends to your mattress.

Lab Certified. SLEEP TITE®  materials and technologies are tested by an independent laboratory and certified for effective bed bug proof and waterproof protection.

Universal Fit. An extra thick, fitted sheet-style elastic ensures a secure fit on today’s thicker mattresses. A snug fit on any mattress prevents shifting or bunching.

Safeguard your sleep from bed bugs, dust and dust mites with a 100% liquid-proof, allergen and bacteria barrier.

Come to Zone Home Entertainment to find the mattress protector to best fit your needs today.